Looking for the perfect mirror for your bathroom or vanity for your daily morning makeup routine? Well, look no further – we have the answer for you! LED vanity mirror, or more commonly known as makeup mirrors with lights that are the ideal choice for any makeup enthusiast!

Wondering what difference could strips of tiny LED lights make? Apparently, a world of difference!

LED Mirrors are Perfect for Vanity Setup
LED Mirrors are Perfect for Vanity Setup

Lighting Color and the Impact on Skin Tone


Lighting Color and the Impact on Skin Tone

Ever checked the mirror and realized your makeup just looks a weird shade of color? 9 out of 10 times, it is probably the issue with the lighting where you put on your makeup.

How does that work?

Since our bathrooms and makeup spaces are typically indoors, we rely heavily on artificial lighting to help us see while putting on our makeup. Depending on the type of bulbs used for artificial lighting in your bathroom, you could make these makeup mistakes:

  • Fluorescent Bulbs (Cool blue-hued lighting): Tend to be overly bright and the blue hues make your complexion look more washed out than it really is. This results in overcompensation when doing your makeup with too much blush or bronzers to give color to your face. In short, not a good look overall.
  • Incandescent Bulbs (Warm yellowish light): The tint of warm yellowish tones could result in your complexion looking more sickly or tired than the case and could cause over-application of concealers or foundation.

In short, when it comes to lighting color when putting on makeup, there is an ideal range. Anything too cool over the 7000 Kelvin range (units for recording color temperature), or too warm under 3000 Kelvin is not preferred. The perfect range for makeup application is closer to actual natural daylight color temperature around 5000 Kelvin.

The Solution? LED lights are perfect for achieving this ideal color temperature and even allows you to switch between different colored-temperatures, unlike traditional bulbs! How awesome!

The Importance of Lighting Direction

The Importance of Lighting Direction

Apart from lighting color, the direction is also an important aspect to consider.

  • Downlights (Bulbs positioned from the ceiling): This creates unnecessary shadows on the face, over-emphasizing on flaws resulting in over-application of concealers or powders to cover up.
  • Over-Mirror Lighting (Bulbs positioned above the mirror): It is slightly better than the first option, but it still creates shadows unnecessarily.
  • Side-Lighting (Bulbs at the sides of the mirror): Light may not reach your face entirely depending on the width of your mirror and angle of the bulb. Not ideal for when you want an evenly lit up face for doing your makeup.

So, what would be ideal?

Professional photographers and makeup artists rely on diffused all-round lighting for those perfect looks you see all the time in magazines! The equivalent at home would be an LED lighted mirror that does exactly the same thing but on a budget!

Why Are LED Mirrors Perfect for Makeup Application?

LED Mirrors Perfect for Makeup Application

Modern LED mirrors have been equipped with many features that work perfectly to complement your effortless makeup applications:

  • Adjustable Lighting: Many new models of LED mirrors have the option to adjust the level of brightness or color temperature of the light strips to accommodate your makeup requirements. Looking to prepare makeup for a dinner function? Dim the lighting accordingly!
  • All-Round Diffused Lighting: Unlike individual bulbs or harsh tube lighting, LED stripped lighting provides full illumination that is not too harsh or cast unnecessary shadows. Usually backlit or shining through frosted glass stripes; the lighting direction is perfectly positioned.
  • Anti-Fog Heated Pad: Ever had the problem of your mirror fogging up after a shower? The modern LED mirrors are equipped with smart heated pads that help prevent condensation or fog from appearing. How convenient!
  • Energy Efficient: All these and they are comparatively more energy efficient than other traditional lighting options!

Now doesn’t that sound like the perfect makeup mirror for you?

LED Mirrors Come in All Shapes and Sizes!

LED Mirrors Come in All Shapes and Sizes


If you are convinced by the benefits of LED mirrors, now it is time to pick one that is suitable for you! They come in all shapes and sizes, so you will definitely be able to find the perfect one for your bathroom!

At Fab Glass and Mirrors, we offer two main kinds of LED mirrors with all the benefits of adjustable light colors, dimmer sensors, anti-fog and more:

  • Backlit Mirrors – the light shines from the back of the mirror
  • Mirror with the frosted strip – the light shines through the front of the mirror through frosted strips

Need more help to decide on the shape, size, or installation? Simply drop us a call at +1 888-474-2221 and our glass experts are ever ready to help you over the phone!



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