Interior design plays a crucial and significant role in transforming a house into a home. It is also worth noting that preferences for interior design vary with different people. There are tons of interior design styles ranging from minimalist, modern, contemporary, rustic, and vintage.

The interesting thing about home interior designs is that they manifest gradually. For most homes, getting the right furniture, artwork, and many other things that make up interior design is usually an expensive affair. Also, most homeowners are not generally willing to dish out cash all at once to align their interior design. So it might take a while before one is able to have a specific style in play.

Vintage interior design has maintained its popularity since the 40s as most people still love the idea of originality, nostalgia, romance, and everything else that comes with this design. Depending on your choice’s vintage style, it can bring comfort, elegance, and beauty to your space. You don’t have to break the bank to transform your interior design to vintage. Here are vintage interior design ideas if you are on a budget.

Ideas to Design a Vintage Interior on Budget

1. Antique Rug on the floor

Antique Rug on the floor

Vintage rugs are among the items that will transform your interior effortlessly. A collection of handwoven rugs with intense colors at different points in your house will go a long way. Antique rugs can be used in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, and even the dining room. Even if you have a carpet, you can always place the rug on top to seamlessly create a vintage feel. Antique rugs can be used to join two rooms together and create harmony. When choosing antique rugs, you might want to consider your furniture’s color so that you don’t stray far away.

2. Antique Furniture Design

Antique Furniture Design

Antique furniture comes in many styles. It could be Queen Anne style that comes with gracefully curves; Sheraton that has classic Greek influence, the Victorian style with ornate decorations and carvings, and much more.

If you have furniture that you inherited dumped in the garage, it is time to retrieve it, clean it up, and incorporate it into your space. If you have no vintage furniture, you can have a carpenter work on the legs and other areas such as the backrest and upholstery and convert it into vintage style.

3. Large Antique Mirror on the wall

Large Antique Mirror on the wall

Wall mirrors are being used for decoration in many homes today, regardless of the interior design style. Whether it is a modern style, rustic or vintage, mirrors make the perfect interior design additions.

Hanging antiqued mirror on the walls is one of the ways you can transform your interior to vintage style without going through much trouble. Antique mirrors come in many styles. There are gothic mirrors with ornate carving and usually have dark frames. You can work with rococo mirrors that feature curved flowers, birds, and ribbons; the neoclassical mirrors are gold or silver gilded with architectural carvings at the top.

Large antique mirrors can be hung in the living room, hallway, dining room, used at the vanity area, and even the bedroom. Not only will they bring vintage style to your home, but they will also increase brightness and create an illusion of space.

4. Vintage utensils and bowls

Vintage utensils and bowls

Transforming your space into a vintage style does not have to be limited to furniture and wall art. Incorporating vintage utensils is probably one of the most budget-friendly ways to make your interior design vintage. Vintage kitchen tools, pots, plates, cups, and even gadgets will do it for you. You will not miss these items in flea markets or thrift stores. The fantastic part is that you won’t even have to part with a lot of cash in these stores.

5. Hand Painted Art Vases

Hand Painted Art Vases

Camel skin art is one of the things that will seamlessly bring a vintage feel to your space. If you have glass vases already, it is time you replace them with hand-painted camel skin pieces. Camel skin art has seen better days and these vases are the best nostalgic pieces to add to your vintage collection.

Vintage camel skin vases can be used to hold flowers or indoor plants in the living room and bedroom. You can also use them as bookends on the bookshelf.

6. Vintage book wall décor

Vintage book wall décor

Old books can be used for wall décor to create a vintage style. You just need to pick a spot, probably a wall in the hallway or a gallery wall, and use adhesive to stick books to the wall. Select book pages of varying sizes to create balance.

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